Three precautions for using platinum rhodium thermocouples on site

Platinum rhodium thermocouple is a common measuring element in temperature measuring instruments. It can directly measure the temperature, and directly convert the measured temperature signal into thermoelectric EMF signal, and then convert it into the temperature to be measured through electrical instruments. Platinum rhodium thermistors are also installed in different ways. The more common is the fixed way, which requires the use of threads for connection, and then the use of flanges for connection and welding, but the use of occasions and requirements are also different, which can be judged mainly according to temperature parameters and pressure.

1、 When using platinum rhodium thermocouples, we should first pay attention to whether the compensated wires match in model, and the polarity can not be wrongly connected, and the temperature of the connecting end between the compensated wire and the platinum rhodium thermocouple can not exceed 100 ℃.

2、 If Platinum Rhodium thermocouples are used for a long time, although there will be small fluctuations in the temperature display on the instrument, the fluctuations between the temperature and the furnace temperature are still relatively large. Therefore, in order to accurately ensure the whole measured temperature, we should choose platinum rhodium thermocouples with small time constants.

3、 In order to ensure sufficient heat exchange between platinum rhodium thermocouple and thermal resistance on the medium at the measuring end, the position of the measuring point must be selected reasonably, and it is best to avoid the position of the valve.

Post time: Jul-09-2022