Temperature inspection instrument

Temperature inspection instrument, also known as temperature recorder, has been widely used in many fields, such as agricultural research, food, medicine, chemical industry, meteorology, environmental protection, electronics, laboratory and so on. At present, with the acceleration of industrial control automation process, its use is becoming more and more common, and is constantly expanding and extending. Especially for the industry, the temperature inspection instrument has become an indispensable tool. According to the change value recorded by the temperature inspection instrument, it can reflect the temperature change in the process of storage, production and transportation at any time. Through professional PC analysis software, it can help enterprises to conduct more scientific and effective management, analysis and induction, and greatly improve the process and efficiency of work.


1. Application of temperature inspection instrument in construction and environmental protection


In building construction, we should pay attention to the drying trend of concrete drying process, which is one of the indicators for evaluating products. The application of temperature inspection instrument can record this data and provide it to the building materials research party, which will provide more reliable basis information for the construction scheme. Due to the large number of acceptance projects in the construction industry, in addition to HVAC indicators, other indicators such as radiation intensity and formaldehyde concentration required by the Ministry of construction to meet human health indicators should also be monitored, which are directly related to human health. If the tester enters these places rashly and records them for a long time when these indicators are unknown, it is irresponsible for the tester’s personal health, and the temperature recorder will ensure the maximum protection of the tester’s personal safety while obtaining reliable data. Of course, these quantities should be converted into voltage during measurement.


2. Application of temperature inspection instrument in food


The shelf life of food is also closely related to food temperature and humidity. The relative equilibrium humidity in food preservation is an important index to ensure food safety. The relative equilibrium humidity directly affects the growth of colonies. For example, in the range of equilibrium relative humidity from 95% RH to 91% RH, the easily breeding colonies are Salmonella, Pauline bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, mold and yeast. Equilibrium relative humidity is the humidity value obtained from the surrounding air without exchanging water between the material and the air. Then, in order to ensure that these products maintain normal temperature and humidity and normal storage and transportation, the environmental climate control and packaging must be carefully specified. At the same time, the taste of many foods will deteriorate if they are kept too dry. In view of this situation, it is required to monitor and record the temperature and humidity changes in real time. So how to ensure food safety and stability, temperature inspection instrument is particularly important.


In the process of long-distance transportation or sea transportation of frozen and refrigerated food, the best way to ensure that the goods are still in the specified temperature and humidity conditions when the products reach the destination is to put a temperature inspection instrument in the cargo hold, which will faithfully record the temperature and humidity changes in the whole transportation process, and the carrier will know immediately whether it is responsible. At present, KFC and other well-known fast food enterprises are using temperature recorders.


3. Application of temperature inspection instrument in medicine and medical treatment


During the process from the delivery of vaccines, vaccines and other biological products from the finished product warehouse of the pharmaceutical factory to the cold chain storage and transportation of vaccination for relevant people, the quality and immunization effect can be ensured through the real-time monitoring and recording of the ambient temperature. The temperature recorder solves this problem conveniently and reliably.


Different vaccines and vaccines have different requirements for storage and transportation ambient temperature. In order to ensure the safety of bacteria and vaccines in the process of storage and transportation, the environmental temperature in the process of storage and transportation must be detected and recorded automatically in the whole process, so as to improve the reliability of data. At this time, the temperature recorder can perfectly complete this function, and it can still record for a long time without external power supply.


According to the requirements of the draft for comments on the building technical code of hospital clean operating department, the temperature and humidity of the operating room must be controlled within a certain range: that is, the temperature is 22… 25 ℃; Relative humidity 45% RH… 60% RH. Suitable ambient temperature and humidity is very beneficial to both operators and patients. These require the health and epidemic prevention department to confirm the compliance of each hospital operating room through its own monitoring. The temperature patrol instrument is a good method to reduce personnel waste and ensure the fairness of law enforcement.


4. Application of temperature inspection instrument in electronic industry


The electronic industry has the most numerous testing standards. For example, if the CPU temperature is too high, the computer will crash. If the temperature is too high during the processing, will it cause processor failure? Therefore, temperature rise detection is required for both plate making and finished machine. Therefore, temperature recorder plays an important role in the electronic industry. With the temperature inspection instrument, the computer temperature can be checked at any time to ensure normal operation and get rid of the trouble caused by crash.


5. Application of temperature inspection instrument in agriculture


For agricultural research and production, especially the production of some cash crops, the temperature and humidity values should be recorded in detail at the seedling stage. For example, it is necessary to determine the relationship between the growth characteristics of some seedlings and temperature and humidity. These can only be realized by using the temperature inspection instrument to operate and control.

Post time: Apr-21-2022