Kh213 intelligent temperature transmission module function

The new generation of general-purpose temperature transmission module kh213 is simple to operate and flexible to apply, showing impressive performance even in demanding applications.

These two digital quantity transmission modules have 4 – 20 mA analog quantity output and are powered by current loop. In addition, kh213 supports HART communication protocol. The input signal of the transmission module can be set according to the thermal resistance, thermocouple, resistance sensor and voltage signal. The input mode can be 2, 3 or 4-wire system, depending on the application requirements. Therefore, the two transmission modules are not only very flexible in application, but also can effectively reduce inventory and cost. Through the built-in standard interface, the parameter setting can be easily and directly completed anytime, anywhere, and no additional interface is required.

The multi-color indicator of the transmission module can intuitively prompt the status of the measured value, thus simplifying the diagnosis process and helping to troubleshoot. Automatic wire resistance compensation can reduce the calibration workload, ensure accurate measurement, and the measurement results are not affected by the length of the wire, without complex calculation process.

Kh213 can be directly connected to the display module through the unitcom wire, so it can easily realize field operation through the touch screen and prevent conversion errors. They are molded with silicone rubber, so they are not affected by the humid environment.

The two mounting screws are equipped with pressure springs, and the standard mounting spacing is 33mm. Even in the case of vibration, reliable sensor contact can be ensured in the junction box conforming to DIN 43729 standard.

Post time: Jun-23-2022