Installation of pressure transmitter

Preparation before installation

The installation of on-site pressure transmitter shall meet the following basic requirements:


1. The tag number, model, specification, material and accessories of pressure transmitter shall be checked before installation.


2. Determination of installation position:


① The light shall be sufficient for easy operation and maintenance.


② The center of the pressure transmitter should be 1.20m~1.50m from the operating floor.


③ The display instrument shall be installed at the position convenient for observing the indicated value.


④ The instrument shall not be installed at the position with vibration, humidity, mechanical damage, strong electromagnetic field interference, high temperature, severe temperature change and corrosive gas.


3. The pressure transmitter shall not be knocked or vibrated during installation. The instrument shall be firm and straight after installation. The connection and fixing parts of pressure transmitter and equipment, pipeline or components shall bear uniform force and shall not bear abnormal external force.


4. Pressure transmitter installed on special pipeline, requiring degreasing. It shall be installed after passing degreasing inspection.


5. The pressure transmitter directly installed on the pipeline should be installed after the pipeline is purged. When it is installed together with the pipeline, the pressure transmitter shall be removed before purging the pipeline.


6. The pressure transmitter directly installed on the pipeline or equipment shall undergo pressure test after installation.


7. During construction, the junction box shall be timely sealed with the cover and the inlet.


8. When measuring the insulation resistance of pressure transmitter, measures shall be taken to prevent the weak current equipment and electronic components from being damaged.


9. The installation height of the pressure transmitter for measuring low pressure should be consistent with the height of the pressure tapping point.

Post time: Jan-05-2023