Function of pressure transmitter and main purpose of pressure transmitter

The difference between pressure transmitter and pressure transmitter. The differential pressure transmitter is the pressure unit of gas or liquid, Pascal; The pressure transmitter generally refers to the gas-liquid pressure, also known as the load cell unit, which is Newton or kilogram (force), or one ton. Differential pressure transmission

The pressure difference between two (containers) gas or liquid is a relative quantity; The pressure transmitter measures the size of gas or liquid under single (container) pressure, which is an absolute quantity. From the point of view of use, two differential input tubes are used to lead

Enter two samples to obtain their differential pressure, only one nozzle pressure.

Maintenance of pressure transmitter pressure transmitter: on the basis of monthly inspection requirements and once a week, mainly remove the dust inside the instrument, carefully inspect the electrical components, and calibrate the output current value. The pressure transmitter is weak and must be connected with the external

The separation of powers in the western world.

About the service life of pressure transmitters, now the suppliers provide high-end life and high-performance transmitters, but in fact, it is only a matter of time before these guarantees are made to promote low-end products. Today, in the near future, only high sex

Can the transmitter will have advanced technology, will be widely used at the low end of the transmitter, and then a clear life guarantee will be very common.

Main purpose: the pressure transmitter is mainly used to measure the pressure, negative pressure, absolute pressure and other parameters of gas, liquid and steam, and then convert them to 4-20mA. DC signal output.

Pressure transmitter includes GP type (gauge pressure) and AP type (absolute pressure).

GP and AP models can be combined with intelligent amplifier to form an intelligent pressure transmitter, which can communicate with each other through a manual operator conforming to HART protocol for setting and monitoring. GP pressure transmitter δ Room,

One side receives the measured pressure signal, and the other side connects with the atmospheric pressure, so it can be used to measure the gauge pressure or negative pressure.

AP absolute pressure transmitter δ One side of the chamber receives the measured absolute pressure signal, and the other side is sealed into a high vacuum reference chamber, which can measure the absolute pressure of the exhaust system, distillation tower, evaporator and crystallizer power!

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