f vibration sensor introduces modern new technology and develops new functions at the same time

Kh-hzd explosion-proof vibration sensor introduces modern new technology and develops new functions at the same time

With the development of science and the deepening of people’s understanding of nature, we will continue to find some new physical effects, chemical effects, biological effects and so on. Using these new effects, corresponding new sensors can be developed, which provides new possibilities for improving the performance of sensors and expanding the application range of sensors. “At present, the biggest feature of the sensor industry is the continuous introduction of new technologies and the development of new functions,” Yang Deyou, product manager and technical support director of Turk’s market technology department, told reporters For example, the inductive proximity switch for detecting the position of metal products uses the eddy current effect formed on the tested metal when the metal object approaches the oscillating induction head that can generate electromagnetic field to detect the position of metal products. Due to the different effects of eddy current effect of different metals, the detection distance of different metals is different. Especially in the face of various alloys, the ordinary inductive proximity switch is inadequate, which requires manufacturers to work hard to improve the function of products. Because the internal structure of inductive proximity switch is winding coil on ferrite core as inductive coil, and the limitation of ferrite core itself makes it impossible for inductive sensor to develop under the existing design concept, so we can only develop products that can replace ferrite coil technically to improve the performance of products. Turk’s inductive proximity switch discards the ferrite core, thus removing the limitation of the magnetic core. In this way, when detecting different metals, the detection distance of products can be improved through circuit adjustment, and the detection distance of all metals has no attenuation, and the anti-interference ability is also improved.

With the development of 5g technology, use the latest materials to develop new products

Sensor material is an important foundation of sensor technology. With the progress of material science, people can manufacture all kinds of new sensors. For example, high polymer film is used to make temperature sensor, optical fiber can be used to make pressure, flow, temperature, displacement and other sensors, and ceramic is used to make pressure sensor. High molecular polymers can adsorb and release water molecules in proportion to the relative humidity of the surrounding environment. The relative humidity can be obtained by making polymer dielectric into capacitor and measuring the change of capacitance. The polystyrene film temperature sensor made by plasma polymerization based on this principle has the characteristics of wide humidity measurement range, wide temperature range, fast response speed, small size, small temperature coefficient, etc. Ceramic capacitive pressure sensor is a dry pressure sensor without intermediate liquid. Advanced ceramic technology and thick film electronic technology are adopted. Its technical performance is stable, the full-scale error of annual drift is no more than 0.1%, the temperature drift is small, and the anti overload can reach hundreds of times of the range.

The application of optical fiber is a major breakthrough in sensing materials. Compared with traditional sensors, optical fiber sensors have many characteristics: high sensitivity, simple structure, small volume, corrosion resistance, good electrical insulation, flexible optical path, easy to realize telemetry and so on. The combination of optical fiber sensor and integrated optical path technology accelerates the development of optical fiber sensor technology. By replacing the original optical elements and passive optical devices with integrated optical devices, optical fiber sensors have the characteristics of high bandwidth, low signal processing voltage, high reliability and low cost.

Post time: Apr-21-2022