Application of KH intelligent temperature and humidity data instrument in agriculture

KH series intelligent temperature and humidity data record is an instrument for monitoring and recording a number of climate parameters in agricultural research, food, medicine, chemical industry, climate, environmental protection, electronics, laboratories and other fields.

The recorder is independently designed by the electrical equipment factory of Zhejiang University, which absorbs the advantages of similar foreign products and separates the characteristics of China. It can record temperature, humidity and other climatic parameters. Various built-in or external sensors are used to keep the sampling data in the recorder memory, and the collected and recorded data can be transmitted to the computer for disposal.

KH series intelligent temperature and humidity data record is powered by high-energy lithium battery, without external power supply, small and portable (58 × seventy-two × 29). The whole machine has low power consumption and high precision. It has been applied in a number of national key laboratories and large-scale environmental projects, and users have good feedback.

For a long time, the traditional method of temperature and humidity data recording usually adopts manual recording or ordinary recording instrument to draw curves on the recording paper with ink, which is large in volume, low in accuracy, easy to block the ink, time-consuming and laborious. Later, the patrol inspection instrument and paperless recording instrument also failed to be widely used in agricultural scientific research because of their large volume and high cost and the need for external power supply.

The recorder has built-in intelligent chip, which has the functions of 12bita/d conversion, LCD display, intelligent recording and remote communication. It adopts sensors and microprocessors of international famous brands, which can display and automatically record the collected temperature and humidity data in real time, and keep them in the nonvolatile memory in the recorder. The recording capacity ranges from 4000 groups to 128000 groups. The temperature and humidity data of about one year can be recorded once every 30 minutes, which is impossible for traditional measuring instruments.

Post time: Jun-23-2022