Low Price Air Temperature And Humidity Sensor RS485 Wall Mount Temp Humid Transmitter

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KHT100 is high quality wall type temperature and humidity sensor, adopting Switzerland advanced sensor module and high performance single chip designed for temperature humidity measurement indoor room, widely used in agriculture: greenhouse, mushroom house, farm, seeding room, poultry house; refrigerated storage, Warehouse, cold room Medicinal, HAVC; Building Automation high humidity environment application. High Humidity Environment:

* High Accuracy, High Stability; Anti-Interference dealing on PCB
* High sealing technology and excellent three-proof coating protection
* Range: T: -20 to 80°C, 0-50°C, -40 to 60°C; H: 0-100%
* Temperature range can be set by inner DIN switch
* With offset function by built-in keys
* Output: 4-20mA,0-5VDC,0-10VDC, RS485 output
* Probe can be with dust-proof, water-proof type, optional
* Accuracy: T:±3°C, H:±3%; Resolution: T:0.01, H:0.1%RH
* Protection: Electrical housing: IIP65; Probe: IP54
* Wide power supply: 12-36VDC; 15-36VDC (4-20mA only)

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T:±0.3℃ (Full range in average);
Power Supply
15-36VDC (4-20mA Output);
RH: 3%RH (including non-linear,repeatability, hysteresis)
12-36VDC (0-5VDC, 0 10VDC; RS485 Output)
Long Stability
T: <0.04℃/year;
Power consumption
RH: <0.05%RH/year
Housing Material
T: -20 to 80℃; 0 to50℃, -40 to 60℃;
Probe Type
Dust-proof (standard);water-proof
Wall Type
T: 0.1℃, RH:0.1%RH
Case Size
80mmx65mmx38mm (LXD)
Response time
T: 6t(63%): min=5s, max=30s;
Probe Size
42mmx 16mm (LXD)
H (90% static air): 8second
Terminals Size
1×2.5 mm² or 2×1.5 mm²
Load resistor
Entr connector
4-20ma, 0-5VDC, 0- 10VDC; RS485 output
Electrical Case: IP65; Probe: IP54
RS485 Protocol
Standard MODBUS-RTU protocol
Working Ambient
T:-40 to 80℃, H:0-99.9%, no dew
Baud rate
9600; customized
Storage Temperature
10-50℃ (0-125℃ at peak)
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Company Profile
Xiamen kehao automation co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of industrial instruments, advanced technology and CE, ROHS, ISO certification can ensure the quality. Our own production plant can ensure price advantage.at present, the company’s trade scale is expanding day by day, customers all over the world, with good reputation has been the trust of customers at home and abroad, our enthusiasm hope: you and I hand in hand, create a better future!
Our Advantages
1.Low MOQ: It can meet your promotional business very well. 2.OEM Accepted : We can produce any your design as long as you provide us the drawing. 3.Good Service : We treat clients as friend. 4.Good Quality :We have strict quality control system .Good reputation in the foreigner market 5.Fast & Cheap Delivery: We have big discount from forwarder (Long Contract)

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